About our company

Our company

The KARTON P+P company was founded as a manufacturer of school and office supplies for archiving needs in Brno in 1996.  We have gone through more than 20 years of existence when we have continuously developed ourselves. Thanks to the quality of our products and good relationships with our business partners, we have gradually become the number one in the field of school supplies in the Czech and Slovak markets. However, our operations do not end in these countries; we export our products to the entire European Union. 

The portfolio of our customers is wide – we deliver goods to large shopping chains, wholesale trades, retail shops as well as to e-shops, toy shop chains, chemists' etc. Your wishes and requirements are satisfied by a team of our employees, currently comprising more than 100 people.

During 2017 our company is going to move to new areas in the industrial park in Rajhrad (approximately 10 km southwards of Brno), which is a new challenge for us which represents a large change for the better, and especially brings new opportunities for the development of the company.

We work with our own motives (non-license) and with license motives in the range of school products. We develop non-licence motives ourselves. We employ several graphic designers who cooperate with our youngest customers – children.
In the field of license motives, we established cooperation with Walt Disney many years ago, and with the time, we have gradually added other companies, such as Universal Studios, Mattel, Hasbro International etc.

An integral part of our range of products is customised production which is directly made according to the customer's needs and wishes. 

Every year we participate in international trade fairs where we introduce the latest news for the upcoming season. They include, for example, the Paperworld Trade Fair in Frankfurt upon Main, and/or the Insight X Trade Fair in Nuremberg. We would like to mention Czech trade fairs as well, for example Styl and Kabo. We also hold other smaller presentations for our customers throughout the year.

KARTON P+P expands abroad!

The attached map shows where you can encounter our products. Of all the countries, we would like to mention a long-term cooperation with Austrian companies. We also have big customers in Germany, Hungary, Poland and Belgium. We also export our products further to the east, e.g. to the Ukraine.

S radostí oznamujeme, že začátkem roku 2017 byl oficiálně schválen dotační projekt č. CZ.03.1.52/0.0/0.0/16_043/0005499 s názvem Komplexní podnikové vzdělávání ve společnosti KARTON P + P s termínem realizace od 1.5.2017 do 30.4.2019 a je úspěšně realizován. Jeho cílem je zvýšit úroveň znalostí a dovedností zaměstnanců a zajistit tak soulad jejich kvalifikací a kompetencí s požadavky na vykonávané pracovní činnosti. Díky realizaci projektu bude ve společnosti nastaven komplexní systém vzdělávání pro její stávající zaměstnance i pro všechny nově příchozí pracovníky.